Country Road: 30 x 40, oil on canvas
                                                                      short statement
Drawn in, seduced by, in love with the beauty that surrounds me, the color of it, the wanting to bond with it, freeze it, distill it, move into it, eat it, wear it, fly through it, embrace it, die in it. I am not quite sure exactly what the land's beauty does to me. I do know I can stare at it for hours that are unprecedented. I do know that time stops when I enter into this trance this state this creative place.
For years now I have tried to capture it, Tried without artifact or help of camera to bring memory's imprint to life on my canvas, realizing that the translation from photograph to painting image would kill the life in it, limit the truth,  I realized that the life force had to come from the gut, from the soul, for it to be natural. For the landscape to be what I have made a part of me and not a simply just a rendering.